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Who is Morad FIki?

I started Explosive Growth with a desire to help people generate wealth through real estate.

What I created was a system that helps real estate services go from mediocrity to excellence by leveling up their life and business without using the boring marketing everyone is so used to seeing.

And I’m still amazed this is the life I get to live every day. On a mission to help you fulfill your dreams. I want you to experience what it’s like to achieve your goals, dreams, and ambitions.

I want you to take control of your future.

Because you have the power to create generational wealth for your family. In order to achieve extreme success, you can't settle for mediocrity.

You’re either moving closer to your goals or going away from them.


It hasn’t always been easy. I dealt with a lot of issues around procrastination, imposter syndrome, and self-doubt.

But I knew I could succeed.

So I took everything I learned as a Marine and implemented those tactics into my Real Estate business. And the strategies I teach now are the exact strategies I used to overcome my own doubts, mental blocks, and paralyzing fear of the unknown.


Explosive Growth wasn’t created to make me rich. I did that through selling real estate. Explosive Growth was created because I know what it’s like to have nothing. To feel like nothing. And I don’t wish that on my worst enemy.

Anyone can build a strong foundation in real estate even if you think you have no skills, no knowledge, and are completely broke. I had the Marines in my corner and now you have me.

Morad wearing Marines uniform

In the Beginning...

At 16 I ran away from home. I spent my remaining high school years couch surfing. When I graduated, I couldn’t allow my mom to go into debt to help me get through college. So, with no college fund, and no one holding my hand, I signed up for the Marines.

For the first time in my life, I felt important. After 7 1/2 years I was honorably discharged and went into real estate. I was determined. Nothing could stop me. 

Morad Fiki standing next to white

And Then…

Through all the failures, hang-ups, and setbacks, I kept pushing for greatness. Freeing myself from low-self esteem, and the feeling of despair was my motivation. And it wasn’t easy, but it's totally been worth it.

Over the last eight years, through sheer dedication, perseverance, and grit I've been able to build a Real Estate sales business from zero to over $100 Million in total sales.

Morad Fiki standing next to white

The Breakthrough…

With that success, I was able to add another revenue stream to my business through real estate investing. I was flipping homes, investing in new construction, and also investing in Multi-Family apartment complexes to build wealth. And it was a lot of work!

Then one day, I watched Grant Cardone and realize he wasn’t doing 1:1 calls like me. He was reaching a massive audience with social media. So I had a choice. Continue to hustle 1:1 or get uncomfortable and make videos that could reach 5,000+ people.

Explosive Growth Was Created…

Look, the first dozen videos I created were horrible. They were boring, and monotone, and I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know how to paint a clear picture for the viewers.

But I got better. I figured out how to make content that people wanted to watch. I showed up by being authentic, being myself, and talking about my interests. I let people see me and who I am. Once I got out of my own head I had Explosive Growth.

Now look, making money is great, but I never forgot where I came from. I never forgot that I was told I would never amount to anything. What I'm most passionate about is teaching others how they can build wealth themselves through real estate. I don't want you to settle for average.

I Believe...

  • Real Estate is a contact sport (you MUST make contacts and get KNOWN)!
  • Obscurity is the biggest reason real estate agents fail.
  • That you don’t have to be one of the 98% of people that die without fulfilling their dreams.
  • ​​YOU can overcome any setback when you stop being scared, unfocused, and lazy.
Morad standing in white suit

You Really Can Create Generational Wealth

Portrait of Morad Fiki's family

Think about someone you know that’s successful in real estate. Are they self-absorbed, cocky, and arrogant? Or do they just possess more confidence now that they’ve worked through the blocks holding them back?

The fact is, everyone can improve their lives. And any person that truly desires success, can have it. Confidence comes with practice and your vulnerability is what’s going to make people want to follow you.

You absolutely have to get out of your own way. Make the changes NOW that are necessary to promote growth. It’s time to stop seeing yourself as the “used car salesman” and go all in on learning little-known strategies to reprogram your limiting beliefs.

If you want to grow fast, build generational wealth, and be on the top 25 Real Estate Agent Lists… You need Explosive Growth.

Ready to get your phone ringing constantly with new leads, prospects, and business in the next 30 days?

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